Yellow Alert Stories

Alison's Story

You may know that CLDF’s Yellow Alert campaign is designed to alert parents and health professionals to the dangers of prolonged newborn jaundice, but did you know how easy it is for you to spread the word?

Retired nurse, Alison, is passionate about Yellow Alert as her grandson Harry was not diagnosed with biliary atresia until he was almost nine weeks old, despite being jaundiced and having occasional ‘putty’ coloured stools.

“All my nursing instincts told me that it was just not right for Harry to be jaundiced for so long” says Alison. “I will always regret not insisting on the necessary blood tests at that time”.

“Whenever my daughter mentioned the jaundice to the health visitor, she was told that it was normal in breastfed babies. It was only when Harry went for his routine vaccinations that the GP referred him for a blood test, and biliary atresia was subsequently confirmed”.

“Harry had his Kasai at nine and a half weeks but still needed a transplant when he was a year old. Happily he is now thriving, but the earlier after birth that a diagnosis is made, the greater chance the child has of a normal healthy future.  Had Harry’s mother seen Yellow Alert posters in her doctors’ surgery during her pregnancy she would have been more aware of liver problems and would have insisted on action being taken”.

Alison was so keen to spread the Yellow Alert message that she requested some packs to take into GP surgeries in her area.

“I would like all expectant mothers to be able to see CLDF posters with the jaundice and stool chart as they sit in the waiting room,” she explains. “So I took a few round to local surgeries and I’ve always have a positive response. I would encourage anyone to do it – let’s put the UK on Yellow Alert! It’s such a simple but effective thing to do and if it helps just one mother to recognise the signs of liver disease early, then it’s done its job!”

If you would like some packs to distribute to surgeries and clinics in your area, please contact CLDF's Health and Research Information Manager on 0121 212 6029, email or place a request for a Yellow Alert pack here.

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