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It is important to know that liver disease is very rare and there are many causes of jaundice in newborn babies.

To find out more information about jaundice in newborn babies you can download CLDF’s “Jaundice in the newborn baby” leaflet here.

The leaflet provides information on:

  • What is jaundice?
  • What causes jaundice?
  • What is prolonged jaundice?
  • Why are stool and urine colour important?
  • What is breast milk jaundice?

Have a Diagnosis?

If the cause of your baby’s jaundice is liver disease, they will be referred to a specialist for further investigation. Download our leaflet, Baby Jaundice and Liver Disease. (PDF, 352 KB) which will give you information on what is likely to happen next.

The leaflet provides information on:

  • Why jaundice is a concern for your child.
  • What is happening in the liver
  • How your baby’s jaundice will be investigated
  • How your baby will be fed 

If you would like to talk someone about your child’s diagnosis or have any questions about anything related to your child’s condition then contact a member of the families team. CLDF can support you in a number of ways following a diagnosis of liver disease. For more information please visit the Family Services page.

Further information on specific liver disease can be found here.

Information for your local surgery, clinic or healthcare professional

Download a Yellow Alert Poster to place in your surgery or clinic (PDF, 184 KB)

Download CLDF's Yellow Alert Prolonged Jaundice Protocol to give to your healthcare professional (PDF, 386 KB)

If you haven't already done so, please consider signing up to the NHS Information Service for Parents. It's a free service for expectant mums and dads, or those with a baby aged up to 9 months. Find out more and sign up to the NHS Information Service for Parents here.

Would you like to find out more about CLDF’s family services, including events and our online community? Please visit CLDF's main website.

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